“My Stealth Health recipe” ANGELO VIGILANTE

February 11, 2019

New Stealth Health appointment, we stay in Milan.

A short journey to reach the Executive Chef of Compass Group Italia.

Angelo Vigliante, the alchemist chef who presents us the Turbantini Rosée.



by CHEF Angelo Vigilante

D. Hello Angelo, from the beginning how is the recipe born?

R. For some time I have had the desire to meet new trends, creating a healthy dish and eliminating animal fats. Furthermore, my challenge is to think of a recipe for all those who have various intolerances, such as celiac disease, or allergies.
In the company restaurant where I work there are already some proposals in the daily menus, in the form of first, second or single plate.

D. How many and which Stealth Health approaches could you incorporate into the recipe?

R. I was able to use the ingredients exchange thanks to the inclusion of vegetables and legumes, as ingredients at the base of the entire recipe. Usually for the filling of this type of recipe we resort to meat, but in this case I have included only the peas making the vegan recipe.

D. What are the basic precautions in preparing this recipe?

R. A trick can be in using the ingredients. Depending on the ingredient you replace the dish changes and becomes declinable for vegans, vegetarians, or to meet any type of intolerance.
To give a note of extra flavor I would suggest adding aromatic herbs as a substitute for animal fats, such as marjoram or thyme. While for the hummus I recommend a version with toasted sesame and a sprinkling of turmeric, so you do not have to resort to salt.

D. What could be the difficulty in repeating this recipe at home?

R. The composition of the dish itself is very simple. Regarding the crépes some tricks.
In the preparation phase, you should never leave the crepes in the open air because they would dry out, then keep them covered with moistened food paper; with this forethought you can keep them for at least a couple of days!
I recommend to be careful only at the end of cooking because, having a color that covers may not be noticed but, are ready as soon as they no longer adhere to the pan and continue cooking would risk to burn them.

D. Let’s move on to something more personal. What would you need to fight in your world today?

R. Today everything we drink and tend to eat touches the plastic. Sustainability in the culinary world is a subject dear to me, I always have a particular regard for the environment. We are surrounded by innovation, compared to the past there have been considerable improvements. Take away has become an integral part of corporate catering, the use of plastic supports for transport is the most widespread method because it is economically advantageous and widespread. However there are some collateral aspects both regarding the effects of the use of plastic on our planet and the health of those who come into contact with these objects. It is a battle that I have been carrying out for some time, we always start with small gestures.

D.  What is Chef Vigilante’s favorite dish?

R. Do you know the Maco? It is the puree of broad beans with the chicory of the field and (when you want to exaggerate) are added the pork rinds, all accompanied by croutons of bread from Puglia.
I was born on the Gargano, but since I was a child I lived in Lombardy. My favorite dish can only be part of the first cuisine I have ever known and experienced.

D. Your particularly significant memory related to the world of cooking?

R. Every moment. My joy is to see the joy of those who eat my dishes and warn that they are appreciated. It is a feeling that is renewed every day, it can not be once and for all.

D. Do you have any tricks you do not give up when you’re in the kitchen? If you want to create an entire Stealth Health menu in a day, you’ll have to use the entire brigade. What can not be wrong?

R. If I had to think about a Stealth Health menu, I would definitely worry about programming everything in good time. In case I propose my dish to the guests, to encourage them to choose it I would prepare different variations. With the same simple ingredients, going to exchange the function I could get other results than the Turbantini in which it is the beetroot juice to give color to the crepes; for example, for others the peas will give color to the crepes and we can use the beets for the cream or you could use the chickpeas as color of the filling and beets as a base instead of the hummus. Using three simple ingredients, ie chickpeas, peas and beets, it will be possible to obtain multiple versions of the same dish.

D. Before concluding, what is important for you in a dish?

R. It is important to find a well-defined sensation contrast when you taste a dish. Through each recipe we must try to give harmony between different sensations: in today’s recipe, for example, we have harsh date of beet, sweetness of the pea cream and crunchiness of toasted sesame seeds.


D. Thank you so much Angelo, I would say that we are ready to taste the Turbantini Rosee.

 R. Thanks to you!

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