October 15, 2018

Good news!

At the end of the day each of us wants to carve out a space of time to devote to himself. You cross a fraction of a second in which you hesitate, before putting on the technical fabric clothes, insert the headphones and “Go!”, Start running. At the end of the race we think back to that moment and we turn around only to look with satisfaction at the traveled kilometers.

Eurest stopped that second, but only to find the right strength and start with grit and energy.
Renewing does not mean changing face.

Renewing is gathering all the experiences, thinking carefully about what has been learned and using it to improve, to improve oneself and to move forward.

Eurest is renewed.

It preserves its identity and its values, but changes its approach to food. In recent years, the kitchen has become central, in a constantly connected world, it is a source of cultural exchange and approach between different traditions. Protagonist of TV shows, literary events, the culinary world has opened the doors to a large number of subjects.

Eurest has accepted the challenge and has reported the story of everyday life in a thematic reference color that served as a glue throughout the development of the new website and in the same way it was referring to the logo of the brand itself.

Change the reference structure of the site that transmits the dynamism of the Eurest modus operandi:

  • Identity for the presentation of Eurest;
  • Inspiration to tell what happens in Eurest and transmit strengths and connections between the brand and its users;
  • Topics, or recurrent thematic topics in the daily dynamics of Eurest;
  • Pills a section where you can discover news and curiosities about the Eurest world, as well as being always updated on the topics of the culinary world.

Absolute novelty is My Private Area, a section dedicated to our customers, as a communication channel through which to expose menus, initiatives and events in an immediate manner, as well as involving guests in real time.

Starting from the idea that a site represents the first virtual handshake for its visitors, Eurest structures its communication in such a way as to be close to users, to grow and improve together, cultivating the passion for catering.

The beginning of a new adventure often coincides with the choice of good intentions to be reached and satisfied. This is how Eurest communicates immediately and receives inputs and stimuli through the Contact area.

With the hope that this renewed version of the site is a way to travel together new kilometers, without stopping and always with a smile.

Enjoy it!!

Goodbye Old Version

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