“My Stealth Health Recipe” GIUSEPPE MARANDO

January 28, 2019

In a big reality as Turin there are several business restaurants with different Head Chefs.
Each one leaving its mark. Giuseppe Marando tells himself through the Matrioska di Verdure, a simple recipe with everyday ingredients that, if used in the right way, can prove to be the perfect base for an accurate and light second course.

Chef Marando as his recipe is a delicate and passionate person.

The idea is ​​demonstrating how anyone can succeed even in the kitchen starting from simple things.


by CHEF Giuseppe Marando

D. Hello Giuseppe, tell me how was born the idea of this recipe.

ROne morning, my supervisor let me know that he would have liked to involve me in the project. However, he had not explained in detail what he was talking about, but I still thought about trying.
Then there was a training call on the “Stealth Health” project, during the call I was a whirlwind of ideas.
I thought to start from something simple. On that day was planned a turkey roll in my restaurant’s menu.
I tried to replace some ingredients and after several attempts I obtained a satisfactory Stealth Health result. The Matrioska of vegetables.

D. Did you manage to insert some Stealth health approach?

Yes one, the Exchange of Ingredients. Instead of making a filling of meat I could use different vegetables and I also replaced the cream with a light ingredient or ricotta.

D. Do you have any suggestions for making the recipe?

R. You need to give space to the aesthetic part to make a tasty dish . I would recommend paying attention to the passage that provides for cooling the dish, following cooking.
Attention must be paid to the temperature of the product to promote greater compactness, so that the color shades are clearly defined

D. Have you encountered any difficulties that you would like to report, if you want to propose this recipe at home?

RThe eggplant must be treated carefully, especially when you need to empty its contents because the outer shell is more fragile than the interior.
You must be careful not to pierce the skin and using appropriate tools

D. Now we are doing a processing for a single portion. If I had to propose it again for all the diners in the day?

R. It’s a cheap and easy to remake this recipe, but it also represents a novelty in my kitchen. I’m thinking about proposing it already at the end of the interview!

D. When you cook you have an ingredient you can’t do without, ever?

RIn general, I often use aromas to flavor dishes. Especially pesto, mushrooms and brown background, represent constants in my menu. In any case, it always depends on what I choose to include in the day’s proposals.

D. Tell me about the dynamics of your brigade in the kitchen. On what should you always be prepared?

R. In the kitchens every day you have some mishap.
One of the first lessons that you learn by experiencing the dynamics of the group is to be constantly prepared and versatile. For example if a kettle should break, I know I would have the readiness to save pasta cooking by guaranteeing the meal on the menu and finding an alternative solution.
The success of the service is the basis of a skilful management of a restaurant. Humility and cooperation are also very important in the workplace

D. We close the chat with a curiosity. Is there any special combination that you would like to propose in your kitchen or that you absolutely could not do?

RI have a very traditional taste, I do not like sweet and sour and in all the recipes with sweet and sour base I try to make some changes. For me, cooking represents culture and tradition. But I like to think that when one is dancing, one must dance.

D. Thank you Giuseppe, it’s time to taste this colorful Matrioska of vegetables.

R. Thanks you too!

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