“My Stealth Health Recipe” MASSIMO GEROLI

February 19, 2019

In the Milanese province, there are several realities that hide the operational details.

This is the case of Chef Geroli, a rock soul, of few words.

He presents the facets of himself through his plate.


by CHEF Massimo Geroli

D. Hello Massimo, how does the idea of ​​Timballino di farro come about?

R. Hello. Timballino’s idea stems from the need to combine healthier foods and replace animal proteins.In my restaurant an effort has been made for ever new proposals. I’ve been trying for some years to try out new recipes with quinoa, barley and fish seeds. I find it essential to try and try again by combining basic ingredients, because the goodness of a dish is given by wisdom in taste combinations.

D. Did you find it more difficult in any way?

R. The procedure is basic and the ingredients are essentials. Because a step forward has been taken with orange juice, otherwise the desired preparation and consistency are sacrificed.

D. If I had to redo the same dishes to serve during the service in the company restaurant, what would it change?

R. I would not change anything. I would add a grilled bread crust.
During the service you must be quick, then create a more stable base, like the bread crust, would help a not to sacrifice the shape of the dish.

D. What approaches have you used?

R. I have managed a Perfect Match towards the whole success through the combination of citrus and vegetable proteins in order to maximize the supply of iron during a meal.
I also used Food Flips approach in fact there are more vegetables, because it is a portion of carbohydrates in a greater quantity of vegetables and vegetable proteins.It is not the first time that I have tried in culinary challenges related to health, well-being and a new food trend and I found the idea behind this project very interesting. We are not only experienced chefs, we also continue to be subjects that never stop learning.

D. Do you have an ingredient that represents you in the kitchen?

R. I use spices in particular with thyme and marjoram. Instead do not use with garlic and peppers, because in my dishes are likely to give heaviness and cover the taste of other delicate ingredients, not bringing out the taste. I find that, rather than an ingredient, I represent the desire to experiment with ingredients. I think the beauty of this work is accessible a cold room and at the same time the eyes to try a sign every time a different but high quality dish.

D. Do you remember any episodes that formed you in the kitchen?

R. I start a job at the age of sixteen at the main Milanese theater. It was a very strong impact that gave me the chance that it is not granted to anyone; it was an honor, given the tight schedule and the great expectations behind a class service. Our job is to see what others are doing and try to create our version with our vision. Cooking means never stop learning. I chose this path because my mother took an entrance test with the excuse that there were also my friends. They did not pass it. I am a bit of a fear having remained alone, but I was discovering what was my way.I never abandoned her again.

D. Thanks Massimo! I can’t wait to taste Timballino di farro.

R. Thank you too.

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